Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent van Gogh

In early July Van Gogh travelled to Paris, alone, to stay with Theo and Jo. Theo was in poor health and was having financial problems, which was an enormous worry to Van Gogh who was keenly aware of the burden he was on his brother and his family. In addition the baby was ill and Jo too was suffering from exhaustion. Van Gogh returned quickly to Auvers but rapidly became severely depressed, and had a terrible row with Dr Gochet. On 27 July Van Goqh started a letter to Theo that was never finished. Halfway through writing it he walked out to the fields behind the town and shot himself before staggering back to his room where he was discovered, Dr Gachet sent for Theo, who arrived, and on 29 July Van Gogh died in his brother's arms. Tragically within six months of his brother's death Theo, too, had been stricken with mental illness and died - the two brothers were later buried side-by-side at Auvers-sur-Oise.

Van Gogh described Wheatfield with Crows as a reflection of his 'great sadness' and 'extreme solitude'